How Art has changed with COVID-19

“The need for connection and communication is amplified now, art has a vital role in meeting that,” – Darragh Hogan, Kerlin’s director

COVID-19 has not only brought into sharp relief the vital importance of connection, but it has also driven our society to expand the breadth of what we do online. From work to play, many of our daily activities have transitioned  to online experiences. While an online platform may not provide the same experience as viewing a piece of art in person, online viewing does have upsides. It allows us to view a piece with new eyes, away from the crowds, and return to that piece for further examination and interpretation. 

Not only that, but the increase in online art activity allows for artists’ work to spread at a greater speed, between platforms and to a broader audience. 

While COVID-19 has disrupted some of our art activities, the increase of online art and access to artists, galleries and museums, opens a new door to how we view and interact with art, and highlights the importance of it in our lives.